The Boston Globe Interviews Former Apple Chief Evangelist Guy Kawasaki

Guy Kawasaki is famous for once being Appleis chief "evangelist". That title was actually on his card, and meant that he went around to other computer companies and convinced them to make products for the Macintosh. He also wrote a column for Macworld Magazine for several years. The Boston Globe has an interview that tells how he is doing today.

Thanks to Applelinks for the tip. From the interview:

Asked for his thoughts on Apple, Kawasaki responds that as a consumer he would like to see Apple make an ultra-lightweight laptop to compete with Sony VAIO line of computers. "Iid like a laptop I can carry to five meetings a day," he said.

As a strategist, Kawasaki said, "The bigger challenge for Apple is that they have to make a computer that kills the Macintosh. Right now, theyire milking the Macintosh. But what they need to do is jump to the next curve."

[...] As CEO of, he sees hundreds of business plans float across his desk each week. Today, the buzz is around companies built on solid science, as opposed to marketing, he said. Companies that focus on building the Internetis infrastructure or wireless technology are hot. Internet retailers are not.

The weirdest proposal heis seen?

"Someone actually submitted a business plan for buying a small, Middle Eastern country and turning it into an amusement park," Kawasaki said. "We turned him down."

See the full interview at The Boston Globe.