The Coolest FireWire Hub Ever, The Godzilla Hub

On the last day of the MACWORLD Tokyo keynote, we passed by the booth of a company called "Ask." This company was a reseller of various bits of gaming hardware, including video cards and more. At the boothis main display, we caught sight of something that no Mac geek will want to be without, the FireDino Hub. In the shape of Godzilla (more or less), this FireWire hub was the coolest hub we have ever seen. Itis large, takes up tons of space, and is not all that ergonomic, but it makes up for all of these detriments by having a blue glowing light in the creatureis mouth. The detail of the model was also very good, and one plugs oneis FireWire devices into it along its bladed back.

Run, run! Itis Godzilla!

The blue light ROCKS!

The beast from above...

This is where the cables go.

Ask was not selling the FireDino Hub, and it does not seem to be offered in the US as of yet. In fact, we havenit been able to find it in Japan, either, but it is distributed by Sunco, Ltd. If you know where one can buy this product, drop a note in the comments below.