The G4 Cube Gets A Little G5 Styling

Been dreaming of a G5? How about a G5 Cube? One enterprising person in Japan decided that he (or she) couldnit wait for Apple to get around to making one, so he made one himself.

G5 Cube?

No, it is not a Photoshop rendition. Apparently, it is real. Text on the original site is in Japanese; while Babelfish makes a valiant attempt at translation and, along with the pictures, you can glean much of the context of how the G5 Cube was created.

The creator took the guts from a G4 Cube and fashioned a new case for the unit from ABS plastic and painted with a metal finish (note that we originally reported the project was made from sheet metal). Obviously the design was based on a G5, but the innards are still G4-based.

No need to break out the checkbook, however; if we understand what is being said, the creator of this Cube has no intentions of building them for profit. That doesnit mean that someone somewhere wonit.

You can get all of the information at the projectis Web site. Note there are 9 Web pages in total, each thoroughly documented with cool photos.

The link to the site comes to us from Slashdot.