The G4 List Welcomes Owners Of Apple's Latest Offerings

Eric Prentice, also known as The Macintosh Guy, has announced that proud owners of Appleis recently released G4 machineis are welcome to join the G4 mailing list. The G4 discussion list is over 1,000 members strong, and provides a great resource for G4 owners to get questions answered and concerns about their systems addressed. According to The Macintosh Guy:

The 1000+ members of the G4 discussion list welcome users of Appleis new G4PowerMacs.

The G4 list is a place to discuss the issues that relate to buying, using,maintaining, and troubleshooting Macintosh computers with the G4 processor.

G4 List is one of many lists hosted at including MacDigital Video, Mac OS X Beta, BusMac, HomeMac, MacCube, MacMP, iBook,MacGames, MacUSB, MacFireWire, and Duo/2400 List.

Sending a message to [email protected] will beginsubscription to the list. Or you can fill out one of the forms at:

You can find more information about all of the available mailing lists at The Macintosh Guyis Web site.