The Gimp Updated With Panther Support

MacGimp has released an update for The Gimp, bringing it to version 1.3. The Gimp is designed to be a Photoshop alternative and ships open sourced. The update ships as a beta version for the upcoming 2.0 release and features OS 10.3 support. According to MacGimp:

Good news just in time for the Christmas and holiday season:a pre-release of the next major GIMP update, and all its dependencies have been built on Mac OS X 10.3 Panther.

Core GIMP developer Manish Singh provided much-needed insight into compiling for OSX: for details, see the posting by Sven Neuman on the GIMP developer list. Preliminary builds have been running on Mac OS X for nearly two weeks now and creation of a binary packaged installer for Mac users is in progress.

Version 1.3 of the GIMP is a precursor to the 2.0 release, and represents an advanced (very stable) beta at this point, and has a number of major improvements in it (no CMYK conversion though there is a CMYK plugin available.

You can find more information about The Gimp update at the MacGimp Web site. The Gimp 1.3 is available for US$30.00.