The Iconfactory Release More OS X Icons

The good people at The Iconfactory have released a new set of Mac OS X icons. The new set is called SketchCon 2.0, and judging from the screenshot below, it is a great set. In fact, we downloaded the set and the whole collection looks great. According to The Iconfactory:

Some of the most popular freeware sets the Iconfactory has offered has been Corey Marionis SketchCon collections. The SketchCon series has now been expanded, and comes stylistically upgraded and ready for Mac OS X with 128 pixel thumbnails included.

Although the SketchCon series was conceived well before the announcement of the new OS X icon format, the series demonstrates The Iconfactoryis current icon design philosophy related to the next generation Mac OS. Bold, simple, illustrative techniques work extremely well. The SketchCons 2 collection carries over the hand drawn quality of the originals while introducing some new subtle gradients that take full advantage of the larger icon sizes in OS X. This second installment includes all of Appleis recent hardware back to the original Bondi blue iMac that helped turn our favorite fruit company around. We invite you to stop by the Iconfactory today and download this latest Mac OS X savvy collection.

A preview of SketchCon 2.0.
Click on the thumbnail for a larger view.

You can find more information on the new set at The Iconfactoryis Web site.