The Iconfactory Releases Clipper System Icon Set

The Iconfactory has released an update a new set of icons for download today titled Clipper System. The icon sets are designed for use with Candybar, also from The Iconfactory. The Clipper set features over 80 icons from artist Gedeon Maheux. According to The Iconfactory:

We are pleased to announce "New Icon Tuesdays" continue at The Iconfactory with the release of Clipper System, a set of freeware system replacement icons from IF resident artist, Gedeon Maheux.

Clipper contains over 80 all-new icons for use with CandyBar, our popular system icon utility for Mac OS X. Clipperis icons are simple and clean with open/drop states included for all folder icons. Clipper System is available today from the IF Showroom as Mac OS X, & Win XP icons or as an easy-to-use iContainer for use with CandyBar and the newly released Pixadex.

You can find more information about the Clipper System release at the The Iconfactory Web site. The Clipper System icon sets are available as freeware.