The Iconfactory Releases New Icon Collection

The Iconfactory has released a new set of icons for Mac users. The Garbage In, Garbage Out icon collection is designed as a replacement for the standard desktop trash icon. Designed by Antony Piraino, the icons are combatible with iCandy and Pixadex, also from the Icon Factory. According to The Iconfactory:

"New Icon Tuesdays" continue at The Iconfactory with the release of Garbage In, Garbage Out -- a set of freeware trashcan replacement icons from IF artist Anthony Piraino. Garbage In, Garbage Out contains renderings of five different items, each with an "empty" and "full" state for a total of 10 icons. Simply drag these icons into CandyBar to give your Dockis trashcan a fun makeover.

Garbage In, Garbage Out is available today from the IF Showroom as Mac OS X, & Win XP icons or as an easy-to-use iContainer for Pixadex.

You can find more information about the Garbage In, Garbage Out icons at the Icon Factory Web site. The Garbage In, Garbage Out icons are available as freeware.