The Iconfactory Releases Quick Pix 2004

The Iconfactory has announced the released Quick Pix 2004, a freeware set that compiles all of the Quick Pix icons released so far this year. The Iconfactoryis Quick Pix are are usually available for only a week, but Quick Pix 2004 makes them available to anyone who might have missed a week in the past year.

The icons come in both Mac and PC formats. Also bundled with Quick Pix 2004 is "a handy, searchable Pixadex iContainer."

Run over to the companyis website to pick up Quick Pix 2004. Those at the Iconfactory "hope you enjoy this grab bag of pixels with subject matter ranging from video games and Apple hardware, to just plain goofy." Or look for more information on Pixadex.