The Iconfactory Releases Valentine Icon Collection

The Iconfactory has released a new set of icons for download. The Valentine collection is designed as replacements for the standard OS icons. Created by Talos Tsui, the icons feature themes from the sweetheart holiday. According to The Iconfactory:

With Valentineis Day just around the corner, resident Iconfactory artist, Talos Tsui, has created a set of unique icons perfect for the upcoming holiday.

Using clever plays on words, Talos has whipped up a set of freeware icons that are cute, fun and make a perfect valentineis day present any icon loving sweetheart. Hearts is available today from the Iconfactory Showroom as either Macintosh or Windows based icons and also comes available as a nifty Pixadex iContainer. Happy Valentineis Day!

You can find more information about the Valentine icons at the Icon Factory Web site. The Valentine icons are available as freeware.