The Lord Of The Rings... In Lego!

Whatis a Tolkien fan to do in between installments of the Lord of the Rings film trilogy? Follow the story in Lego, of course. Observer Tim Frede let us know about Lego fan Bruce Hietbrinkis painstaking recreation of the classic tale, photographed and displayed on his Web site.

This work in progress is just one of several Lego projects by Bruce. If Tolkien isnit your style, there are also classic scenes from Shakespeare, the adventures of Robin Hood, and even some reality TV-style action with a little accident in the UCLA chemistry lab, where Bruce is a student.

Frodo at the ford of the River Bruinen
"Frodo felt a pain like a dart of poisoned ice as the knife of the foremost Nazgul pierced his shoulder. As he swooned he caught sight of Strider leaping out of the darkness with a flaming brand in either hand. Frodo removed the Ring from his finger and knew no more."

You can check out Bruceis progress on Tolkienis masterpiece, and other fun Lego goodies, at his Web site.

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