The Mac Observer Announces "Hidden Dimensions," by John Martellaro

The Mac Observer is proud to announce Hidden Dimensions, a new column by veteran writer John Martellaro. Mr. Martellaro has written for MacOPINION, Applelinks, and other sites from the early days of the Mac Web. Hidden Dimensions will be a column devoted to shedding some light on Apple based on his experiences as an Apple employee, where he spent some five years.

"Very little of this information is exposed to the public for competitive and business reasons," Mr. Martellaro wrote in his inaugural Hidden Dimensions column. "As a result, without knowing much about the Apple decision process, Appleis actions are often misinterpreted. Of course, constant misinterpretation and confusion leads to contempt of the general Macintosh Web. Instead, Apple prefers to work with a few very high profile and respected journalists at large and influential publications who will work with Apple and generate informed, balanced and positive press."

"Accordingly, this column will never be directed at Apple. Instead, itis designed to help you, the reader, better understand why Apple does what it does. At least to the best of my ability."

Hidden Dimensions will be published exclusively at The Mac Observer, starting Wednesday, March 15th. The first column, titled "Why Apple Had Not Advertised Mac OS X," explains why he thinks Apple has never taken the seemingly obvious step of telling the world why it should buy Mac OS X in TV and print ads.