The Mac Observer Launches Free "Buy, Sell, Or Trade Mac Stuff" Forum

The Mac Observer code-gnomes have been toiling away to bring you a brand new service. We have added a new forum for people to buy, sell, or trade Mac stuff. Conveniently, we have named it "Buy, Sell, or Trade Mac Stuff," and it is free for Mac users to use. We canit vouch for anything being offered, so everyone should please use your best judgement.

Also, please note that there is no SPAM allowed in the new forum, nor cussing. In fact, there is no SPAM or profanity allowed in any of our forums.

So, got an old Performa 6115 CD that is gathering dust? Looking for a 10 MB ProFile to make your Mac/Lisa collection "complete?" Head to the new forum and post away. There are no commissions, and there is no bidding, at least not as such, so have fun!