The Mac Observer Makes The New York Times...Again!

We donit often get to toot our own horns, but Toot! Toot! In a column called "For Mac Users, Help From an Unlikely Quarter" (free subscription required), J.D. Biersdorfer talks about being a Mac user in a Windows world. The story is mainly about being a Mac user in a Windows world and just how easy that is. The author talks about the excellent products from the Microsoft Mac Business Unit, Virtual PC, MacLink Plus, and of course, The Mac Observer. We are listed as one of two sites the author regularly visits, the other being MacInTouch. According to the New York Times:

For current news, reviews and Mac-related information, I regularly check the MacInTouch ( and Mac Observer ( Web sites. For example, the Mac Observer recently reported that 3dfx, a maker of powerful graphics cards for PC gamers, had released its first made-for-the-Mac add-in card. Fans of game-playing on the Mac will probably be cheered by this news, as well as by the fact that Blizzard Entertainment just released the Mac version of its popular game Diablo II (, less than a month after the PC versionis debut. For Mac gamers, thatis progress.

The author has lots of other good information, and we recommend it as a very good read. We also recommend it for people who are thinking about making the switch to the Mac.