The Mac Observer Named One Of "The Best Mac Sites" By ComputorEdge Magazine"

We are pleased to point out that The Mac Observer was named as one of "The Best Mac Sites" in an article by the same name in ComputorEdge Online. ComputorEdge is a regional computer magazine with three print publications, focusing on the world of technology. The article, written by Stephen Beals, rounds up what he thinks are the best Mac Web sites. From the article:

Is it my imagination, or are there more exclusively Macintosh sites every day? There are even a couple of Mac-only Internet Service Providers, which actually may be a step in the wrong direction, as far as I’m concerned. I’m all for making the Internet as platform-independent as possible. Just today, I had to boot into Virtual PC to view a site because it contained code that my Mac OS could not decipher.

But there have been other occasions where the inability to use all of a site’s features because of some glitch in the coding can be extremely frustrating. Admittedly, it’s difficult to determine who is responsible for these annoyances. We all know that Microsoft Internet Explorer has some PC-only features that almost certainly could have been built into the Mac version. After all, Netscape 6.2 can do it. But I don’t want to get into a discussion of the strengths and weaknesses of various browsers.

It’s just nice that there are some places out there where Mac users aren’t treated like second-class citizens. In fact, while some of the sites I’ll be mentioning feel free to bash Apple all the time, it’s all done from the point of view of people who love their Macs, warts and all.

The Mac Observer

The Mac Observer is a news- and forum-oriented site, and while it has a lot of free content, it is one of the few sites that charges a subscription fee. So many of these attempts have failed that I wonder how well this will go over. But the site itself is well laid out and easy to navigate.

[Editoris Note: We feel it important to note that our subscription service is actually an option available to our readers who wish to receive our content advertising-free. All of our content is, and will remain, free to readers who enjoy it on an ad-supported basis. The above quote seems to imply that we charge a subscription just to view portions of our content, and we wanted to make sure the distinction was clear. We are, however, very appreciative of Mr. Bealsi praise, and the mention in the publication.Bryan

Other sites mentioned, include:

  • Applelinks
  • The ULTIMATE Macintosh (which Mr. Beals named as his favoriet Mac site)
  • The Mac Observer
  • Version Tracker
  • MacGamer
  • The MacSurfShop
  • MacSkinz
  • DealMac
  • Small Dog Electronics
  • RedLightRunner

Check out the full article. It is a very interesting read, and if you donit know some of the sites on Mr. Bealsi list, check them out. Links to all of them are in the full article.