The Mac Observer's Rodney O. Lain On Tonight's Mac Show

This weekis Mac Show will feature The Mac Observeris own Rodney O. Lain. Mr. Lain and Mac Show host Shawn King will argue the vitures of an Apple branded retail chain. Also featured will be Peter Cohen speaking with Blizzard Entertainmentis Bill Roper. According to the Mac Show:

The Featured Guest on Wednesdayis Mac Show will be the iBrotha himself, Rodney O Lain. Rodney thinks a bricks-and-mortar Apple Store is a good idea. The host of the Mac Show doesnit. OK, you two - come out fighting!

On the TechTips segment, Dr Farallon will be talking about security and your Internet connection. And there will be another segment of the popular MacMedia Pro segment, with Mark Stevens.

The Mac Show gang will also have another great game of "Whatis My Product?"!

And last but certainly not least, Peter Cohen of MacCentral will be talking to Bill Roper, Senior Director of Developer Relations for Blizzard Entertainment!

As usual, The Mac Show has a bucketload of prizes filling up their SwagBag - MacToday magazine subscriptions, Podium CoolPads from, Copies of Tech Tool Pro 3, t-shirts and their contest to win a Mimio Whiteboard unit from Virtual Ink!

You can tune into the Mac Show every Wednesday from 9-11:00 PM EST.