The Mac Show Live Features Chris Bourbon

Itis Wednesday, and that means itis time for another Mac Show Live. The Mac Show Live is a weekly QuickTime Streaming broadcast about the Mac industry in the form of traditional radio talk show. The show currently has two segments, one open to everyone, with the second hour open to MSL Club members only (called the MSL Club Power Hour). The first segment features Chris Bourbon of Apple and author Mark R. Bell. The Power Hour features Colin Smith and Scott Kelby. From The Mac Show Live:

The all-new Mac Show Live and the MSL Club Power Hour have a great line up again this week starting at 6pm Pacific.

The Mac Show Live Editorial Team features long time MSL Host Hilary Percy along with Mark Stevens, Ra McGuire and Paul Garay.

Guests on Mac Show Live this week include: Chris Bourdon, Apple Product Marketing Manager, Mac OS X Building the Digital Hub. Mark R. Bell, Author, The Mac OSX Book and Mac OS 10.1 Black Book. Jon McCarron, with his shareware picks.

Guests on the MSL Club Power Hour include: Colin Smith, Adobe Network Publishing, and Scott Kelby, Photoshop User Magazine Round Table, "Your Digital Life" Midi, Music and MP3s

A power-packed 2 hours of Mac-Zimum Mac Talk with the all-new Mac Show Live and the MSL Club Power Hour. This Wednesday at its regular time of 6pm Pacific.

You can tune into The Mac Show Live by hitting the showis Web site at 8:00 PM CST (6:00 PM PST).