The Mac Show Live Relaunches Tonight

The Mac Show Live is officially relaunching tonight after a much-publicized divorce with Show founder Shawn King. The Mac Show is a weekly QuickTime Streaming broadcast in the form of a traditional radio talk show, and is now being hosted by Hilary Percy, Mark Stevens, Jurgen Schaub, and Paul Garay. Tonightis guests include John Danty of Apple, and Charles Haddad will be featured during the "MSL Club Members Hour," the name of a new members-only segment that was reportedly at the root of the departure of Shawn King. From The Mac Show Live:

The all-new Mac Show Live debuts this Wednesday Jan.30/02 at 6pm Pacific with a new look and a whole new sound. The new Mac Show Live editorial team features the return of former MSL Host Hilary Percy along with Mark Stevens, Jurgen Schaub and Paul Garay.

Guests this week include John Danty of Apple Computer, Ken Haase, Dr. Farallon, from and Ron Fairbairn with our new iOSX-Mac Basics.iThis week marks the official launch of the MSL Club Members Hour featuring Charles Haddad of Business Week magazine, pro digital photographer Joseph Cartright from NYC and the MSL Editorial Board in a round-table discussion on the "Your Digital Life" segment.

A power-packed 2 hours of Mac-Zimum Mac Talk with the all-new Mac Show Live and the MSL Club Members Hour. It all starts this Wednesday at its regular time of 6pm Pacific. The Mac Show is heard weekly at

You can tune in to the show by visiting The Mac Showis Web site at 8:00 PM CST (6:00 PM CST).