The Mac Show Moves To Tuesdays

The Mac Show has announced a move from Wednesday to Tuesday, with the next show being broadcast next Tuesday. The Mac Show was founded by Shawn King, who recently split from the show to launch Your Mac Life. The Mac Show has also announced new pricing for its MSL Club memberships at US$3.95 per month. Club membership includes access to the memberis only 2nd hour of content. From The Mac Show:

Now, tune in every Tuesday at 7pm Pacific for all the latest Mac talk.

Why the move?

We felt it was necessary for the Mac Show to get a jump on the news and views of the Mac community. Now you can get your Mac news and interviews live every Tuesday ... an entire day earlier and at a more convenient time to listen (7pm Pacific).

Regular programming remains unchanged.
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Tech Tips
Pro News
Feature Interviews
Contests and Giveaways

Changes to The Mac Show Listeners Club

  • Monthly memberships now available for only $3.95 monthly.
  • Segmented downloadable archives.
  • The MSL Club Vendor-Bender list continues to grow

Club members enjoy discounts and premiums from:
MYOB, Virtspace, Aladdin, Crucial Technologies and many more.

You can find more information on The Mac Show at its Web site.