The Mac World Holds Its Breath, The Apple Store Closed For "Maintenance"

Appleis invitation-only press event to introduce itis "breakthrough digital device" is underway. There have yet to be any reports published from the meeting, the company has not yet released any press releases, and the Apple Store is closed. If you hit the Apple Store, you will be redirected to a maintenance page with a "Sticky" post-it note saying "Weill be back soon." The page also says "We are busy updating the store for you and will be back within the hour."

In the meanwhile, our forums, and the forums at every other Mac Web site, are experiencing record traffic. We have noted many people saying that they wanted this new device, without even knowing what it was. In another demonstration of just how badly people want information on this new device, CBS Marketwatch has published a report based on faked photos published by SpyMac. We are saying they are faked, not SpyMac. CBS Marketwatch got comments from a number of analysts on this report, which is just fascinating in and of itself.

In any event, when we have more information, we will be bringing it to you immediately.