The Omni Group And PopCap Release OS X Version Of Big Money Deluxe

The Omni Group and PopCap Games has released an OS X version of Big Money Deluxe. Big Money Deluxe is a game that features several different playing styles including action and strategy. Greed being the motivating factor, grabbing coins and loot wins points and rank. According to The Omni Group:

The Omni Group and PopCap Games announce the Mac OS X release of the previously Web-based, PC and Palm version only game Big Money Deluxe.

About Big Money Deluxe:

Greed is good in Big Money Deluxe! Think you can never have too much money? Here you can! Quickly collect coins or risk breaking the bank. Three different game modes cater to twitchy Action fans, the more relaxed Strategy player, and the cerebral Puzzle gamester. Earn your way to Billionaire rank as you scoop up the megabucks.

You can find more information about Big Money Deluxe at the PopCap Games Web site. Big Money Deluxe is available for US$19.95.