The One About The Lord of the Rings Almost Being Stolen On An iPod

LaurieF is one of our New Zealand forum members, and his eagle eyes spotted a very interesting story from a New Zealand magazine, STUFF. According to STUFF, there was once a time when "pre-release sequences" of The Lord of the Rings (the magazine doesnit specify which of the three LoTR films was involved) was in danger of being lost to thieves when it was being transported to England on an iPod. From STUFF:

Pre-release sequences from The Lord of the Rings nearly fell into the wrong hands when Duncan Nimmo, the IT manager of Peter Jacksonis production company Three Foot Six, was chased by muggers in Soho.

Mr Nimmo was carrying the film on his iPod pocket computer when he was approached by two big blokes in Londonis Soho district at 5am, he told MIS magazine.

"I walked faster and they walked faster, then I broke into a jog and they started running. I could not have the iPod with the film taken off me, so I ran and got away."

Thereis more in the full article at the STUFFis Web site.