The Other Show: CES Has Cool Stuff Too

With Macworld San Francisco first on every Mac loveris mind, it is easy to forget that there is another event taking place this week that centers on cool technology. Weire speaking of the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, NV.

While Steve Jobs takes center stage with his keynote in San Francisco today, Bill Gates mans the podium in Sin City on Wednesday to deliver his keynote, but thereis no need to compare the two shows because they address entirely different audiences. What is cool is to see some of the neat-o gadgets that show up at CES. C|Net News is covering CES and has a report on some of the more interesting digital doo-dads. Hereis a bit of the article titled: Gadgets galore at CES:

Publishing software giant Adobe Systems will show off Photoshop Album, a new consumer offshoot of its market-leading image-editing program that focuses on organizing images stored on a PC.

Targus, which specializes in mobile computing gadgets, will show off the Defcon MDP Key Card, an add-in security card for laptops and tablet PCs. The card includes motion detectors that sound an alarm and lock down the computer if an unauthorized person picks it up or makes "unfriendly gestures."

Several companies will be focusing on juicing up devices you already have, with Splashpower and MobileWise showing recharging pads that can power up a cell phone, PDA and other devices without wires and bulky power adapters. "If youire a person who carries multiple mobile devices and need to power them, this saves you a lot of weight and hassle," said MobileWise CEO Andy Goren. "All you need to do is drop the device on the pad...and itis smart enough to recognize the exact power needs of each device."

If you get tired of reading through all of the cool stuff being announced at Macworld you might drop by C|Net News and see what new stuff is on display at the CES. Cool stuff indeed.