The Register Offers Up Jaguar Details

Didnit make it to the World Wide Developer Conference this year? Missed out on all the juicy tidbits surrounding Jaguar, Appleis long-awaited update to OS X? Or is it that you feel you missed out on some really great parties?

The parties we canit help you with, but the juicy Jaguar details are another matter, thanks to an article in The Register titled iAppleis Jaguar - sliced and dicedi. With typical iRegisteri flair, this article offers up some interesting bits about Jaguar that may have escape the notice of other articles. For instance:

Thereis an extra addition to Finder views too, and for this one demanded (and got) photographic evidence. The Finder allows you to put labels to the right of the icon, rather than underneath...

...Dock miniatures now have a little symbol indicating the application of origin...

On the negative side: no virtual desktops. Not much customization. And X still wears penal servitude stripes, like a prisoner. Why is this?

The article is replete with pictures showing some of the more interesting touches included in Jaguar, so drop by The Register for the full article.