The Rio 600 That Survived The Washer & Dryer

There are always lots of people ready to let the world know about how some product or another they own let them down in some way or another. We thought you might like hearing about a product that served far and above the call of duty. Our own Brandon Drezner sent a note to our internal e-mail list that we all thought should be shared.

Iid just like to make a follow up comment to my review of the Rio 600. Two days ago, my Rio took on the ultimate product test... It went into the depths of the world where no mortal electronic device can survive. It went into... THE LAUNDRY. Yes my Rio bravely (or was that unknowingly?) journeyed into the depth of the washer and dryer. And yes, everything still works, playback, screen, etc. The case is a bit roughed-up, but wouldnit you be too? I mean after all, weire talking about laundry here. hehehe Anyway, just wanted to share an inspirational computer story. Maybe something like this belongs in the "Chicken Soup for the Electronic Gadgetis Soul" ;-)

Hey, great idea Brandon! You can write Brandon with your comments, or you can post them below. If you have a story about some Mac gadget that survived certain death, tell us about it and we might publish a story. You can find more information on the Rio 600 at the Rio Web site.