The Sacramento Bee Looks At AirPort Express

The reviews of Appleis AirPort Express device keep rolling in, this time from the Sacramento Bee. The Bee looks at the compact deviceis strengths, such as easy setup, cross-platform compatibility good reception and range, and good software, and its weaknesses, such as some difficulty setting up WEP (wireless encryption protocol) under Windows, and Apple only guaranteeing the AirPort Express to work with Apple wireless networks. Overall, the Bee gives Apple marks for doing an "admirable job" with the device. From The Sacramento Bee:

In the rapidly growing realm of Wi-Fi, consumers can choose from dozens of products that untether their computers from wires while still giving them access to the Internet.

But Apple Computeris new AirPort Express does it in a trim ivory package that exemplifies Appleis vaunted design prowess.

Like Appleis wildly popular iPod music player, the AirPort Express doesnit do anything really new.

Its genius is that it packs a host of attractive functions into a small package - this one about the size of a deck of cards - giving users the ability to connect wirelessly to the Internet, stream music to their home stereos and let them print wirelessly to USB printers.

To be sure, a variety of gadgets from other tech companies offer the same functions. But none has packaged them into a single device - one that works with both Macintoshes and Windows-based PCs.

You can read the full article at The Sacramento Beeis web site.