The Star Looks At Apple's Pursuit of Low-Cost Market

Malaysian newspaper the StarOnline has published an article looking at Appleis new low-cost approach to gaining market share in both the computer and digital media player market. The article approaches the subject from the standpoint of Apple having refused to compete in the low-cost in the past, and why it is doing so today.

The StarOnline spoke to Apple vice President Phil Schiller, who told the newspaper, "Itis the timing thatis important. Whatis changed recently, is the increased consideration that PC users are giving to the Mac. Frustration is growing in the Windows world."

Much of that attention, according to Mr. Schiller, has stemmed from the security problems, spyware, adware, and other issues afflicting Windows users the world over.

"Last year was a pretty bad year for Windows users -- especially when you talk about the viruses, worms and other security issues. With the Mac mini, they have a reliable and affordable alternative,” Mr. Schiller said. 

The full article offers a much deeper look at the topic, and we recommend it as a very interesting read.