The Ultimate Mac-in-a-box

The Mac Prois industrial design deserves a equally sleek cabinet -- assuming you are into the techno-steamtrunk scene. Monolab Designis one-of-a-kind aluminum Mac Pro trunk fits the bill nicely and even includes a built-in display, stereo speakers and an amplifier.

Monolab Designis Mac Trunk

The trunk started life as a modern interpretation of a Louis Vuitton trunk that could be left at hotels between stays, but quickly changed when Ismael Ghalimi realized that it was a perfect match for Appleis PowerMac G5 tower computer.

The trunk is now home to a Mac Pro with 4TB of storage, an Apple 23-inch Cinema Display, a Music Hall Mambo amplifier, and a set of Weburn loudspeakers from Vienna Acoustics.

At five feet tall and 300 pounds, the cabinet isnit exactly portable, but it makes up for that with its looks.

[Image courtesy of IT|Redux]