The Universe Gets A Big Bang Update

Syzygy Research & Technology has released an update for Digital Universe, bringing it to version 2.4. Digital Universe is an astronomy simulation tool designed for the amateur or professional. The update has many new features and enhancements including red night palette for nightime viewing. According to Syzygy Research & Technology:

Syzygy Research & Technology, creators of the widely acclaimed "Digital Universe" astronomy software for Macintosh computers, is pleased to announce that the latest update (V2.40) is now available.

The changes in this update include:

  • Full support for the control of LX200 and Autostar-based computerized telescopes is now available. You can now use "The Digital Universe" to direct a compatible telescope to point directly at any of the approximately 20 million objects that can be shown on the screen, or to any arbitrary region of the sky
  • A special red "night palette" has now been implemented, enabling you to use the software outdoors without significantly impacting your eyesi dark adaptation
  • A new "Functions" control panel has been added. You can use this panel to easily switch "modes" from using the mouse to obtain information about objects or zoom in on a region
  • When the user measures the angular separation between two locations in the sky (through Control-dragging the mouse, or by selecting the appropriate option in the "Functions" control panel), the position angle between the two objects (angular direction measured eastward from due north) is also provided.
  • Three new tooltips for telescope control and the "Functions" control panel were added
  • The appearance of the hypertext information window was changed to make the buttons on it a bit more obvious
  • And more!

You can find more information about the Digital Universe update at the Syzygy Research & Technology Web site. Digital Universe 2.4 is available for US$93.89.