The Washington Post Paints A Glowing Picture Of Apple's Safari

An article in the Washington Post gives a glowing, in-depth look at Appleis Safari Web browser. The author looks at a possible reason for Apple producing its own browser, praises Safari for its speed and simplicity, and goes over many of Safariis features. From The Washington Post:

If you donit like the product youire being sold, taking your business to a competitor is a good idea. But becoming a competitor may be a better idea. Thatis what Apple has done with its Safari Web browser: Instead of waiting for Microsoft to update the aging Internet Explorer, it wrote its own software.

Mac users can be glad it did. Safari ( is one of Appleis finest releases, an elegant piece of work that shows a refreshing emphasis on two often-neglected qualities: simplicity and speed.

This browser -- a free, 6.2-megabyte download for Mac OS X 10.2 -- boots in a few blinks of the eye and displays pages faster than competing browsers.

The author goes on to explain that, while Safari is only available for OS X, there are other open source, non-Microsoft browsers available for Windows and Linux:

Windows and Linux users will have to borrow a Mac to appreciate all of Safariis elegance, but they can also try a new, non-Microsoft browser with some distinctly Safari-esque traits.

Mozilla Firebird, a browser-only offshoot of the Mozilla open-source Internet suite, features a similar focus on speed and simplicity and even looks like Safari, with its search-engine shortcut at the top right corner.

You can read the full article at The Washington Postis Web site.