The Week's Top Stories For Week Ending 8/11/2000


Adobe Goes After Macromedia For Patent Infringement, Macromedia Says "So What?"
Steveis Other Job Is Going Well Too: Pixar Rocks Past Analystis Projections
Vote To Put Jobs, Woz, & Atkinson In Computer Hall Of Fame Ballot


Lucas Films Strikes Deal To Use QuickTime For Episode II Previews
Apple Announces New Mac Consumer Financing Deal "As Low As US$19.99 Per Month" 16th Most Linked Site On The Web
NOW The Voodoo5 5500 Is Available


NBC Includes QuickTime In Work Around For Olympic Streaming
Apple Remains In The Top 5


The Mac Observer Talks To Xtrem About MacThrust And 1.2 GHz PowerMacs
Pay & Play Software No Longer Does Windows



Microsoft Like "A Sack Of Bile?" Novell Thinks So
Palm Gets Cute, Targets Women And Students

Apple Stock Watch

Friday - Apple Stock Watch: - No Inflation Rallies the Dow, AAPL Held Back on Dellis Woes
Thursday -
Apple Stock Watch: - Nasdaq Sinks But Apple Eeks Higher
Wednesday -
Apple Stock Watch: - Wall Street Has The Blahs But Apple Posts A Gain
Tuesday -
Apple Stock Watch: - Productivity is Up, and the Nasdaq is Down
Monday -
Apple Stock Watch: - Markets Rally on Interest Rate Optimism and Appleis Shares Gain Ground

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Where are the game programmers? - by Carlos Camacho
Canit We All Just Get Along? - by Tim Hillman


Rodneyis Soapbox - It Never Was The iComputer For The Rest Of Usi
Ask Dave - Trouble with FireWire On Your Pismo? Dave says, iRTFMi

Computing With Bifocals - Mikeis Cards: A Great Mac Card Game
On The Flip Side - The Macintosh Platform, Itis So Irrational!
Wasting Time With The Idiots - The Kind Of Deal Even An Idiot Can Deal With