The Week's Top Stories For Week Ending 8/18/2000


FireWireWorld Founders Resign, Aim To Focus On The Mac Observer


Apple Investment In Samsung Bringing Cheaper LCDs To Market


Microsoft Will Never Plug All Its Security Holes Says Gartner Analyst
Appleis Slide Continues


State Of The Art Aircraft Carrier To Be Run With...Windows?
Apple Adds New Board Member


John Martellaro Leaves The Mac Community To Pursue A Dream
LinuxWorld To Kick Off Today, Apple Veterans To Show New Linux GUI

Apple Stock Watch

Friday - Apple Stock Watch: - An Excellent Week for Appleis Stock
Thursday -
Apple Stock Watch: - Appleis Stock Soars $3 1/2 As The Nasdaq and Dow Rally in Tandem
Wednesday -
Apple Stock Watch: - Is the Nasdaq in a Stealth Rally? AAPL Comes to Life
Tuesday -
Apple Stock Watch: - Profit Taking Hits the Dow, the Nasdaq and Apple Drift
Monday -
Apple Stock Watch: - The Old Economy Leads the Way Higher, Nasdaq Follows, but not AAPL

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Appleis Corporate Vigilantism - by Wes George


Lexmarkis Z52: Pro Performance At US$179 - by Bill Troop


Ask Dave - The Non-Bootable G3, Upgrade Advice, & S-Video Adapters
But I Digress... - The Platform Wars Are A Waste Of Time

Computing With Bifocals - How A Group Of Strangers Sold A Mac At A Wedding
On The Flip Side - The iMacis Evolution, A Plastic Hell!
Wasting Time With The Idiots - Whatever You Do, Donit Click This Link!
Mondayis Mac Gadget - Get Into The Mac Java Groove With...JavaGroove
The Apple Trader - Only 135 Shopping Days Till Christmas & Other Apple Observations