The Whole Story About The MacMarines Mailing List

Jan P. Bode and Bertram Haller from MacGuardians contacted The Mac Observer with information regarding the MacMarines mailing list scandal. They give their version of the facts and uncover much of what happened on the list. According to Mr. Bode and Mr. Haller:

There have been rumors about the MacMarines mailing list being kidnapped. There has been quite an argument between two listmasters. There is a vast majority of subscribers who don´t know what to believe.

Our coverstory lightens up the dark, read it and pass the url on to your readers. People have a right to know when circumstances change and how it happened. Jan P. Bode and Bertram Haller, two MacMarines talked to both Walter Blanchard and Shane Anderson.

The MacGuardians are a german online-magazine founded in April 1999.