The Woz In The Running To Win...Something

In one of the more interesting implementations of a classic concept we have seen in some time, Steve Wozniak is in the running to win the Underground Open. Competing against a truly interesting area of characters, ranging from the stunning Jessica Alba to the soon to be famous again Gollum, Woz truly finds himself in some unique company. According to Underground Online:

Steve Wozniak designed the Apple I and II, later to become the most popular home PCs of all time. Since then heis held a million jobs in the computer world but has never lost his grassroots image. In 1985 President Reagan awarded him and Steve Jobs the National Technology Award.

You can decide his fate and with each vote, you are eligible to WIN the coveted UnderGround Mother Lode, including a Sony AIBO, iMac DV+, a Dig Dug vintage arcade machine and more! The more times you vote, the more points youill score.

You can find the full pool of contestants, and cast your vote, at the Underground Open Web site.