The Zune is a Decoy to Defend Xbox Turf

The Microsoft Zune is merely a decoy and a distraction to the rest of the industry so Microsoft can defend its Xbox turf. Thatis what Bob Cringely said in an interview with The Motley Fool on Wednesday.

Mr. Cringely continued, "You know, I think Microsoft is not stupid. Microsoft is big and lumbering and brutal, but they are not stupid, and what they know is that they have more resources than anyone, and they are fully capable of doing some little Zuney thing that is relatively meaningless except that every potential competitor has to take it into account.... Microsoftis real strategy in the home has to be built around Xbox, and Xbox is actually doing some smart things..."

Asked if he thought Apple would counter with a game machine, Mr. Cringely astutely observed that Apple is correctly focused on defending their iPod turf.

The industry is slowly starting to understand why Microsoft didnit put a lot of effort into the design of the Zune. Weive written about it here at TMO. Appleis passion for great products shows in the iPod. Microsoftis passion for Big Business dealings with products as a vehicle was reaffirmed by Mr. Cringely.