The iMac’s Limited VESA Support

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One of the features that Apple touted when it first released the iMac G5 was that it supported VESA compliant mounting brackets. The current crop of Intel Core 2 Duo models, however, have almost completely dropped VESA support. If you want a VESA-compliant iMac to mount on a wall, or for some other special need, youire now limited to the 24-inch model (MA456LL).

VESA adapters let you attach your iMac to a wall or articulated arm.

Sadly, Appleis missing VESA support goes back to the iMac G5 with iSight, too. The Apple Support Web site offers a short article on VESA compatible iMacs.

Some iMac owners claim that after completely disassembling their computer, they were able to install the iMac G5is VESA adapter - but this most likely voids your warranty.

If you know of a VESA mounting adapter that works with the iMac, let us know.

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