The iMac's Limited VESA Support

One of the features that Apple touted when it first released the iMac G5 was that it supported VESA compliant mounting brackets. The current crop of Intel Core 2 Duo models, however, have almost completely dropped VESA support. If you want a VESA-compliant iMac to mount on a wall, or for some other special need, youire now limited to the 24-inch model (MA456LL).

VESA adapters let you attach your iMac to a wall or articulated arm.

Sadly, Appleis missing VESA support goes back to the iMac G5 with iSight, too. The Apple Support Web site offers a short article on VESA compatible iMacs.

Some iMac owners claim that after completely disassembling their computer, they were able to install the iMac G5is VESA adapter - but this most likely voids your warranty.

If you know of a VESA mounting adapter that works with the iMac, let us know.

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