There Was A Great Disturbance In The (Mac) Force

Observer Jeff Weiss, make that Professor Jeff Weiss, wrote to us with a story that we felt you would enjoy reading. Professor Weiss reminds us that the Mac just works, at least most of the time, and while we donit have an explanation for what happened to his iMac, we bet that many of you have had something similar happen to them at one time or another. According to Professor Weiss:

Dear Editor,

The following is a true story:

I have a 5 month old iMac DV, and in that time she has crashed no more than three times, despite the fact that I do a lot of video editing and compression.  
Around 3:50 on Thursday I pushed the power button.  
The light went on, but there was no welcoming chime.
I tried again.
I tried the reset button.
I put in an OS 9 CD and tried booting up from it.  
It chimed, but the screen remained blank.
I read the troubleshooting manual.
I reset the pram.  
Still no picture.  
It was now around 4:10.  I had a class to get to.

I felt sick.  Something was terribly wrong.  Something had happened.  As I left my office I pulled the plug, hoping this would work.  Iive owned Macs of all shapes and sizes for over 15 years and Iive never done that.  But somehow I knew this was different.  

When I returned to my office around 5:50, I plugged her back in--and tried again.  Chime, picture, little mac, etc...She was back from the dead.  I canit tell you how happy and relieved I was.

I then logged onto and read Mr. Andersonis unvarnished words and how they were killing AAPL.

There was a great disturbance in the force that afternoon, and while I generally donit believe in such things, I now wonder if  my iMac was just laying low, waiting itil the worst was over.

On Friday I did some serious editing and compression and she performed flawlessly as always.  Sheis back, and so will AAPL.

Thanks for the great story Professor Weiss!

Do you have a cool story involving your Mac or a Mac you know? Send it to us and we may print it.