There's A New Set Of Dissolves In Town, From Buena Software

Buena Software, Inc. has released a new product for video editors called Dissolve Factory. Dissolve Factory is a tool for users to create new dissolve transitions between video clips. It is available for Adobe After Effects for MacOS and Windows, and Appleis Final Cut Pro. From Buena Software:

The Dissolve Factory plugin can create a wide variety of cross dissolves. It allows the user to choose what properties of the input video clips to use. For example, you can use the luminance to create a film dissolve, fading dark areas more quickly than light areas. Or you can choose individual colors to fade more or less quickly. You can even choose different properties for the 2 input clips. The plugin opens up a whole range of new and interesting possibilities of tasteful cross dissolves that lend your work an artistic look without being gaudy.

The effect works on 8 bit or 16 bit per channel video in After Effects. Further, the results are calculated using floating point numbers for increased accuracy in all version.

Dissolve Factory is available now for $29.95 until January 15th, at which time the price will increase to $39.95. You can visit Buena Softwareis Web site for more information and a free demo of Dissolve Factory.