Things Heating Up For MacOS Radio

The MacOS Radio Network is preparing a run of three exciting weeks, including a special appearance from FileMaker Pro, free digital cameras, and a famous British actor. Things start this week with the appearance of ixla CEO, Sam Levin. According to MacOS Radio:

When Sam Levin, CEO of ixla, appears on the MacOS Radio Network ( at 7pm EDST on August 28th, he wonit come empty handed. Sam comes to the show bearing gifts! He will be *GIVING AWAY* two ixla digital cameras during the live show. Donit miss it.

And if the lure of Sam Levin and free cameras isnit enough to get your attention, Planet Photoshopis own Scott Kelby will come along later with a MAJOR announcement from the dayis events at Seybold. Scott canit tell us what the announcement is (heis been sworn to secrecy, signed an NDA, and apparently thereis some condition involving sheeps blood and frogs ... we werenit clear on that part actually), but we know itis important and well informed digital-trashbin-unerase-sleuths report (not surprisingly) that the word Photoshop is involved.

For reasons we canit explain (guess why) we have received a formal request to delay the broadcast of our show the week of September 4. Given that Monday the 4th was Labor Day anyway, we intended to do another Tuesday show (the 5th) next week to avoid the holiday. Then the request came from a fairly well placed person inside the Macis premiere database software company.

So next weekis show will be our first show on Wednesday and will feature an important, though currently unnamed FileMaker Inc. employee. Weill leave it at that for now ......

Concerned about the appearance of their first show on a Wednesday, the same night as MacOS Radiois competitor, The Mac Show Live, MacOS Radio President was quick to say, "this is NOT a move on The Mac Show! We are *not* testing the waters, weire not trying to create a competition or controversy with The Mac Show. This is a ONE TIME ONLY event at the special request of a special guest. If we end up broadcasting six nights per week, we intend to leave Wednesday alone. Wednesday is their turf, and we respect that."

The special MacOS Radio Network broadcast now scheduled for Wednesday, September 6, will not run at the same time as The Mac Show.

As the days before the September 11th broadcast of the MacOS Radio Network get smaller, details are emerging. The broadcast, of course, will feature British Television megastar Robert Llewellyn as the featured guest, who will be talking about his new and very exciting Mac based business bringing comedy to the web.

Due to the time differences between the MacOS Radio Network studios and London (and also to accomodate Mr. LLewellynis heavy work schedule on the BBC sci-fi comedy hit series Red Dwarf), the interview will be conducted live on September 11 at 3pm, EDST. "The live interview will be extremely informal from the listeners point of view," said MacOS Radio President Duane Burghard. "It will be very much like a ibehind the scenesi feel for those who tune in. Weill be taking breaks for commercials that wonit be added in until the actual show later that evening, there will be no formal intro or extro to the segment ... weire literally going to switch on, test everything, do it, and switch off."

The interview will be integrated into the live show that evening (at 7pm EDST). Listeners may call or e-mail their questions or comments for Mr. Llewellyn before or during the interview. But one way or the other, youire not going to want to miss it!!!!!

You can find more information, and tune in at 7:00PM EST, at the MacOS Radio web site.