This Year's Hot Wedding Accessory: A Macintosh? (With Pic)

If you are reading this site, you probably do not need any convincing of the PowerMac G4 Cubeis stunning style. Despite poor sales, the machine generates a relatively high "drool factor" in those that see it. The photographers and Web site designers at Dessy, a company that makes bridesmaid dresses, agree.

For at least one product line the featured accessory in the photographs is none other than Appleis own PowerMac G4 Cube. The photographs, complete with a 15" flat panel display and the Cubeis "eyeball" speakers, feature the seasonis selection of top bridesmaid dresses.

Wow, that looks great! The dress, and the model, are not bad either. ;-)

You can find more pictures of the strange, but appealing, combination of bridesmaid dresses and PowerMacs at the Dessy Web site. There are multiple pictures featuring the Cube, so make sure you click the "Next" and "Previous" buttons on the right-hand side to see them all.