Thomas Weisel Partners: Intel Transition is 'Proving Difficult'

Financial research firm Thomas Weisel Partners on Monday issued a research report in which it said that its "checks with Apple specialist resellers across the U.S. found there is soft demand for Macs and a lack of supply for the Intel-based notebook products," according to MarketWatchis Michael Baron. It also found that 65% of the resellers it interviewed think the transition will negatively impact Appleis earnings this quarter.

However, the firm maintained its "peer perform" rating on the stock and did not change its earnings estimates. Analyst Kevin Hunt believes that the stock is currently valued at a "high but reasonable" level and that Apple has growth opportunities ahead of it.

At 2:23 PM EST on Monday, Apple shares were selling for US$65.15, down 3.8%, or $2.57, for the day. The companyis stock peaked at $86.40, its 52-week high, shortly after Januaryis Macworld Expo but has declined steadily since then, with the exception of brief bounces above the $70 mark.

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