Three New DV Forge Products Shipping Next Month

DV Forge announced Friday that three new products will begin shipping in early April: the JamPod, a plug-in guitar practice amp module for the iPod and iPod mini; JamPlug FM, an FM music transmitter for electric guitar or bass guitar; and The Clips for iPod shuffle, a set of three different mounting clips.

DV Forge says its goal with the JamPod was "to build a small guitar amplifier module that plugs into the top of any Apple iPod music player, that lets a guitar or bass player practice along with songs on the iPod, through the iPodis own earbuds."

JamPod is compatible with recent iPods that features a headphone jack and remote port on top, including 3G and 4G iPods, and all iPod mini and iPod photo devices. A 48-inch white guitar cord is included for connecting a guitar or bass to the JamPod. JamPod will ship April 8, 2005 for $29.99.

Not specifically related to Macs or iPods, the JamPlug FM is a "miniature practice aid that plugs into the output jack of an electric guitar or bass, and that transmits a radio signal that lets any nearby FM stereo receiver become an on-demand amplifier." It will begin shipping April 8, 2005, for $49.99.

Lastly, The Clips for iPod shuffle is a collection of three different clips for those "not into armbands or necklaces." The Clips consists of three different iPod shuffle caps, one with a belt clip, one with a gripper clip, and one with a push pin. The Clips will start shipping April 6, 2005, for $14.99.

The Clips