Thursby To Ship ADmitMac v3 in Mid-August

Thursby Software Systems announced Thursday it is expecting to ship ADmitMac version 3 in mid-August.

ADmitMac offers secure and complete integration of Macs into Microsoft Active Directory environments. Currently in beta form, the product has been delayed by what the company described as problems related to Mac OS 10.4 that it had no control over, which have since been corrcted in 10.4.2.

New features of ADmitMac include full support of Microsoft NTFS file system allowing for storage of Macintosh files with multiple forks in a single file; support for secure protocols, including NTLMv2 and SMB signing for connections to Windows Server 2003 without downgrading the security on the server, and support for Microsoft?is Distributed File System.

ADmitMac v3 is a free upgrade for customers currnetly under a support agreement or who purchased ADmitMac on or after April 1, 2005.