Tick-Tock: Time Palette Update Released

The makers of Time Palette have released an update for the product, bringing it to version 5.0.1. Time Palette is a world time and mapping app with real-time weather conditions and distance calculators. 5.0.1 is a maintenance upgrade with several bug fixes. According to Time Palette:

As some of you may know, a minor update to Time Palette 5.0 has been under development for the past two weeks. Time Palette 5.0.1 is now available.

General Fixes:

  • Added better checking for a valid version of CarbonLib.
  • Fixed a startup bug which caused the Atlas menu to always be active.
  • Updates are frozen during menu tracking to eliminate a Mac OS display bug.
  • Fixed a weather transfer bug which could cause the application to lock up.
  • Map rendering performance increased by 10 - 15%.

OS X Fixes:

  • Fixed a display bug in the City Configuration Dialog Box.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented configuration of Daylight Saving (Summer) Time.
  • Japanese dates are now handled properly throughout the application.
  • Japanese (and other non-Roman) fonts are now displayed correctly.
  • Corrected a problem which could cause a "serial number conflict" alert.

OS 8.6 Fixes:

  • Dragging a city to the Favorites list now works correctly.
  • Fixed a bug which caused the help system to not open.

Non-Code Fixes:

  • Indexed the Help System so that it is searchable.
  • Fixed a typographical error in the Time Bar menu.
  • Fixed a few typographical errors in the Help System.

You can find more information about the upgrade at the Time Palette Web site. This is a FREE update for registered users of Time Palette 5.0. Users of other previous versions of Time Palette may upgrade for US$14.95.