TidBITS Celebrating Their 11th Anniversary

TidBITS, one of the Mac Webis most popular and well-respected members, is celebrating their 11th anniversary. Each week TidBITS publishes a new issue covering a wide range of Mac related topics, and looking back at past issues of TidBITS really provides Mac lovers with a blast from the past. According to TidBITS:

Today marks the beginning of our 11th consecutive year of publication, finally giving us the right to play off the famous Spinal Tap quote, "These go to eleven." Previous anniversary articles covered our basic history, motivations ("TidBITS Nets Ninth Anniversary"), and the lessons weive learned over the last ten years ("Lessons from Ten Years of TidBITS").

To crank up the volume this year, I decided to read through the TidBITS issues from ten years ago, when weid had a chance to smooth out the rough edges of our first year of publication. What I was most curious about is how things have both changed and stayed the same over the last ten years, and as I read, the names of people, products, and companies came flooding back. Here then are some of the high points of that year for both TidBITS and the Macintosh industry, with some thoughts about how these changes have rippled forward to affect todayis world.

You can find 11 years worth of quality content at the TidBITS Web site.