Tiger Edition of Mac OS X Server Book Cancelled

Author Michael Bartosh recently said on the AFP548 Web site that the Tiger edition of his OiReilly book Essential Mac OS X Server Administration has been cancelled. He noted that the Panther version took a year-and-a-half to write, and the Tiger edition was projected to take 30% longer. Faced with sacrificing content or canceling the project, Mr. Bartosh chose the latter.

However, he did propose a third option, which consisted of a Mac OS X IT Bookshelf that OiReilly could assemble "with contributions from some of the more cognizant thinkers in various aspects of Mac OS X and Mac OS X Server System Administration." He felt that such an effort could be useful because "Apple has a team of tech writers and their docs still lack depth and in many cases understanding of how this technology is deployed in IT-centric markets."

Alternatively, Mr. Bartosh suggested that his book could be broken into separate titles, but "OiReilly didnit perceive demand" for either idea, according to his post on AFP548.