TikiMac Shipping New Exernal Hard Drives

TikiMac is now shipping new external hard drive configurations for Mac users called Mahana. The Mahana line of drives feature dual FireWire 800 interfaces built upon the Oxford Semiconductor 922 chipset. Capacities start at 320 GB with 7,200 RPM speeds and buffer caches of 8MB. According to FireWire Depot:

TikiMac announced today the launch of the new Mahana series of high-capacity and performance hard drives for the Macintosh, with dual FireWire 800 interfaces supported by the Oxford Semiconductor 922 chipset.

The Mahana sports a single, large RAID-0 (striped) disk volume out of the box, but can also be reconfigured as two separate physical disks or further divided into any number of partitions as required by the end-user.

With true plug and play convenience, the Mahana external hard drive is hot-pluggable for easy file transfers without interruptions and data sharing between Macs. The Mahana drive requires no special drivers or software installation for Mac OS X users.

You can find more information about the Mahana drives at the FireWire Depot Web site. The Mahana drives start at US$390.00 for the 320 GB config.