Tim Hillman, Eric Yang, & Neil Ticktin Of Xplain On Tonight's Mac Show

This weekis version of The Mac Show will feature Xplain CEO Neil Ticktin, and Mac financial writer Eric Yang. Also featured will be The Mac Observeris own Tim Hillman. According to the Mac Show host, Shawn King:

Neil Ticktin, CEO of Xplain Corporation and publishers of MacTech magazine, will join Shawn and Hilary. Neil is number 17 on The Power 25 and once kicked an advertiser out of the magazine after the advertiser threatened to pull their ad if MacTech didnit review their product. Heis obviously a guy to listen to!

Eric Yang will also join the gang on Wednesday night. Eric has been called "the best writer on Apple Computer financial issues today". Do you know what Regulation FD is? Eric does. DO you know why this Christmas Season will be different for Apple than last? Eric does. Snd heill explain why itis important to you and me.

Dr Tim Hillman will be on the TechTips segment, sponsored by Micromatis Tech Tool Pro 3. The good Doctor has a special report on mice. We hope he means the computer kind. :-)

As always, Peter Cohen of MacCentral will be on with the scoop on the Mac game related news.

The Mac Show will also have t-shirts to hand out to lucky listeners and a copy of Macromediais Dreamweaver/Fireworks Bundle. Theyill also *finally* announce the winner of the LaCie Pocket Drive!

Tune into the Mac Show Live from 9 - 11:00 PM EST. You can find more information at their web site.