TimeCache Maintenance Update Released

The PandaWare Company has released a update for TimeCache, bringing it to version 5.1.4. TimeCache is a time and expense tracking app designed for billing clients. The maintenance update features a few bug fixes. According to PandaWare Company:

The PandaWare Company has updated TimeCache, its popular time and expense billing application, to version 5.1.4. A free update, TimeCache 5.1.4 fixes bugs that primarily affect Classic Mac OS users.

The update addresses a problem that could cause TimeCache to freeze when entering data and a problem displaying file paths for preferences settings, both in Mac OS Classic. It also fixes a problem with time entries that can occur under rare conditions in both Mac OS X and Classic.

You can find more information about the TimeCache update at the PandaWare Company Web site. TimeCache 5.1.4 is free for registered users, while the full version is available for US$45.00.