TimeEqualsMoney 2.0 Now Shipping From Stone Design

Stone Design has released a new version of TimeEqualsMoney, bringing it to version 2.0. TimeEqualsMoney is a time based expense and billing app designed for businesses where fees are based on time spent. The latest version ships with several new enhancements including expanded time tracking and bug fixes. According to Stone Design:

Stone Design, the oldest and original Mac OS X software house, today announced immediate availability of a
completely revised version of TimeEqualsMoney(TM), the first native OS X time tracking and billing application. TimeEqualsMoney can now track and bill for expenses, pause time entries, and summarize information for multiple clients and projects

TimeEqualMoney 2.0is feature set includes:

  • Track time to the minute
  • Enter "NOW" for start / stop times with stop-watch feature
  • Pause and resume individual time entries
  • Choose whether resuming one time entry will pause others
  • Track expenses like mileage and other hard costs
  • Set taxable items and variable tax rates
  • Assign different rates for individual time entries
  • Track payment in "Equity" and stock shares as well as cash
  • Assign file/folder to any entry to document work
  • Easily reorder your time and expense entries
  • Sort time and expense entries on any column
  • Rearrange the columns on your time cards
  • Instantly invoice unpaid time and expense entries
  • Automatically add sequential invoice numbers to invoices
  • Fully control the text in invoices and reports
  • Set font used in invoices and reports
  • Add your company logo to Rich Text invoices
  • and much more

You can find more information about the latest TimeEqualsMoney release at the Stone Design Web site. TimeEqualsMoney 2.0 is free for current users, while the full version is available for US$49.00.